How To “Create” The Perfect Relationship

Can you imagine what it would be like to be walking around, hand in hand, with someone you absolutely adore? Someone who makes you feel on top of the world? Someone who you feel the sun rises and sets with them? If you can imagine such a person being in your life, well why aren’t they? And why are you single, reading this article?

Well the last part is easy. You’re reading this because you want to have someone special in your life and you are doing something about it. Finally!

But to attract someone special in your life, someone of value, you are going to need to become someone of value. This is a rough quote I first heard from Christian Hudson the creator of the outstanding dating course for me called the Girlfriend Activation System.

It’s the truth though. Like attracts like. Not always but more often than not this rule rings true. So if you want to get someone who has certain qualities that you like, then it will be in your best interests to work on having these qualities yourself first. This means you will have to do an honest assessment of yourself. And map out your strengths and weaknesses in this area in regards to values, character traits and so on.

So I would highly suggest you sit down with a trusty pen and paper in hand and for one afternoon, or whenever you get a few spare hours, thing long and hard about what you want in person. Describe their characteristics in great detail. The more finer the detail the better. Then circle those traits that you think you need to develop further. This will be a very enlightening experience and help you really map out the path you need to take to attract the person you want into your life.

Doing this will also give you a target to hit. Most people constantly go about their life without any real knowledge about who they like or who is best for them. They just randomly go about everything. This is not the best way to do this.

After you have done this exercise and you have a list of traits that you need to develop, then work on building these traits. There are many excellent books, online resources, Websites and blogs that will help you in many ways. So use whatever you can get access to. This is the most powerful way to attract someone of absolute value into your life.

Where to buy Cards against Humanity UK

Cards against humanity is a wonderful game to play with your friends and family. Just kidding, this game is definitely wonderful but you should never play it with your family, or you may run the risk of reading aloud something that can never be taken back. So we know this is a great game, albeit a little disturbing but where can you buy it? Well if you live in America it’s easy just go to your local Walmart and pick up a copy, but what about us folks in the UK? Well there are several ways to get a copy of Cards against Humanity. The majority of the better ones, meaning easier and cheaper are online.

Your first choice is to go the manufacture’s site at This way is good because you know all the profits go to the creators and there is no middleman. Unfortunately it may mean you have to wait a while longer because the company operates in the US, so shipping here can take some time.

Your second choice is Amazon. Amazon is great because they operate in the UK as well as the US, this means you can get your product fast and from a reputable source, also you most likely have an Amazon account so you don’t have to go through the process of entering your details. The downside to this method is Amazon takes a cut of Cards Against Humanity’s earnings, meaning it will cost you £2 to £3 more depending on what version you buy. On the plus side you would receive the UK specific version with words such as “color” and “gray” changed to “colour” and “grey” respectively.

Your third choice is to buy it on Ebay, there are a number of rather significant upsides to this, the main ones being: you know you can trust Ebay since they’re one of the biggest sites in the world, and you can probably get it at almost half the cost, providing you but it second hand. However the downsides are rather large too; buying the product new will be a lot more expensive than Amazon or the cards Against Humanity website and buying second hand means you may be missing some cards, instructions or other important information. Furthermore the shipping will likely be a lot more expensive and will take longer.

Your final choice for buying Cards against humanity online is from a small third party site like or I would strongly advise against buying the game from one of these sites since they aren’t reputable, you have no guarantee if you’ll get the US or UK version and the shipping will usually be twice as long as any other option.

5 HTP For Weight Loss

Many people who take the supplement 5-HTP don’t realize that it’s actually a naturally occurring chemical that appears when certain amino acids, which are the protein building blocks, are metabolized. It also helps produce serotonin, which is an important chemical in the body that is responsible for mood and other functions. Balancing serotonin levels can actually help restore good eating and sleeping patterns in people who are suffering from disorders related to one or both of these things.

5-HTP And Hunger

It is no secret that 5-HTP is connected to appetite, which means that balancing one’s serotonin levels may help someone eat less and crave fewer foods. Have you ever heard of the drug Phentermine? It is famous for being a weight loss prescription drug, and may have ties to increasing serotonin levels. Yet it is no longer available on the market due to associated problems.

One interesting thing to do is to look at studies that associate 5-HTP with those who are looking to lose weight. In Italy, a study was done on obese patients. Basically, doctors put them on a diet. Before every meal, one group of people was given 300 mg of a 5-HTP supplement, while the others only got a sugar pill placebo. The patients were left to their own devices when it came to their diet.

After only just 12 weeks, the patients were weighed again.

– Those who took the supplements lost over 7 pounds.
– Those who took the placebo lost about 4 pounds.

Although these patients were put on a diet, they were not monitored. It is easy to assume that these people lost weight because they were eager to and put on a diet. However, the study suggests that the people put on the supplements were able to stick to their diet better. This may possibly be because they were less hungry and had fewer cravings.

Learn about the power of 5-HTP at

Yet we also must look at the fact that a 7 pound weight loss after 12 weeks from people who are already obese is nothing to crow about. It is possible that both groups had difficulty sticking to their diet due to their eating disorders. However, it is clear that those who took the supplement lost more weight than those who did not.

Are you someone who has trouble sticking to a diet, has an eating disorder, or suffers from severe food cravings? Taking 5-hTP may be for you. A small boost to any diet can help. Get the facts and always consult your doctor.